You will need the Full Write Service Plans permission or be an organizer on the plan to perform this action.

Navigate to the plan you want to copy and choose "Copy plan" from the Actions menu in the upper right.

A pop up will appear where you can set the details for the copied plan. The top section will auto populate with values from the current plan. Only the date will be empty so you can choose which date the copied plan is for.

Note: the copied plan title will have the word "Copy" at the end.

The "Options" section at the bottom lets you selectively include additional fields to copy over.

It defaults to the include the following most commonly copied fields:

  • Sections

  • Organizers

  • Times

  • Serving Schedule

Once finished, click on "Copy" to perform the copy. You will then be redirected to the new plan so you can continue setting it up.

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