How I manage my song catalog?

Describes how to add and manage songs including arrangements and keys.

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You will need the Full Write Songs permission to perform this action.

Navigate to More > Service Planning > Songs in the left-hand menu. Then click on "Add New" at the top.

A pop up will appear where you can define the song details. The following fields are available:

  • Title - the name of the song

  • Authors - the list of authors that composed the song

  • CCLI# - the CCLI number of the song with Christian Copyright Licensing International. CCLI provides information and resources for churches and copyright owners around the world, relating to copyrights of Christian worship songs.

  • Copyright - copyright information for the song

  • Notes - any notes to include on the song

Note: See this collection on how to use the PraiseCharts integration to import songs and files into your song library.

Default Arrangement

All songs must have a default arrangement. You can add additional arrangements after adding the song. This section contains information about the default arrangement. The following fields are available:

  • Name - the name of the arrangement. It defaults to "Default Arrangement"

  • Length - the amount of time this arrangement runs in minutes and seconds

  • Key - the starting key of the arrangement. Once you select a key, an ending key option will appear

  • Meter - the time signature of the arrangement

  • BPM - beats per minute for the arrangement

  • Speed - how fast the arrangement is

  • Style - the style such as Modern or Contemporary

  • Sequence - this is the order the music should be played. See the section below named "Editing the Song Sequence" for more info on editing this portion.

Tip: as usual, you can manage the list of values for the dropdown fields by clicking on the cog menu to its right.

Once you are finished, click on the "Add" button to create the song. You will be redirected to the song afterward.

Managing Song Arrangements

When viewing the song details page, all arrangements will be shown with the default arrangement appearing opened at the top by default. Only one arrangement can be expanded at a time.

To add a new arrangement, click on the "Add Arrangement" button at the top.

Refer to the screenshot above for the points below:

  1. The name of the arrangement appears at the top of the box with other meta data appearing below.

  2. Clicking on the clock icon will show the last 3 times that particular arrangement was used in a service plan regardless of key. However, clicking on the clock icon next to a particular key will show the last 3 times that particular key was scheduled. Clicking on any date in the tooltip will take you to that service plan (if you have access).

  3. Click on the cog menu to edit the arrangement. If it is not the default arrangement, you also have the option to delete the arrangement.

  4. You can add files to either the "Shared Files" section of the arrangement or to a particular key by clicking on the "Add Files" button of the appropriate section. These are included in the service plan when the song is added to a plan item. For more information on adding songs to service plans, please see the "Adding a line item" section of this article.

  5. Any files added to "Shared Files" will be included on the service plan if the arrangement is linked regardless of which key is used. 

  6. Once a key is added, you can click on the key (Eb in the example above) to edit the key or delete it. Any files added to particular keys will only be included on the service plan if that exact key is included.

  7. Click on the "Add Key" button to add a new key to the arrangement

Editing or Deleting an Arrangement Key

To edit a key on an arrangement, simply click on the key name.

This will open a pop up where you can edit the details of the key. A delete button is also found here.

Editing the Song Sequence

The sequence is the order of the sections that are played in a song arrangement. For example, Intro, C, Vx2, B, V, Cx3, Solo indicates to play the Intro, then the Chorus, then the Verse twice and so on. To edit the sequence, click on the cog menu to the right of an arrangement and choose Edit.

In the pop up, you'll see a section named "Sequence Editor" where you can edit the sequence. 

Simply click and drag sections from the right to the left area. You can also just click on the section to add it to the bottom of the left area. Reorder the sections by clicking on the section on the left and moving it to the new location. If you hover over a section, you'll see the following options (in order from left to right):

  • Up arrow - increases the number on the section (i.e. turns Verse to Verse 2, Verse 3 to Verse 4, etc.). If you do this, all sections with the same name will be given a number to help differentiate it from others

  • Down arrow - the same as the up arrow, but it will instead decrease the section number (i.e. Verse 2 to Verse 1)

  • Copy - this will copy the section to the line below

  • Trash can - this will remove the section from the sequence

Tip: you can see a condensed version of the sequence right above in the "Sequence" field.

General Tips

  • The "Last Scheduled" box in the right-hand column of the screen shows the last 3 times this particular song was scheduled on a service plan regardless of which arrangement or key was chosen. Clicking on the date and time in that box will take you to the service plan (if you have access).

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