This article only applies to customers using our online giving platform, One Church Giving.

In general, money from credit/debit card transactions are deposited into the church’s account within 1 - 2 business days. Money from ACH (e-check) transactions are deposited within 2 - 4 business days.

Due to the different timeframes on when deposits are made between ACH and credit/debit card transactions, One Church separates credit/debit card and ACH transactions into separate batches based on the day they were processed.

The rest of the article goes into more details on the timeline of deposits.

Credit/Debit Cards

For credit/debit card, any transaction that is before the cut off time of 9:00 pm ET should deposit the next morning. The exception to this would be days when the bank is closed, causing the deposit to be made on the next business day.

A single credit/debit card batch in One Church always equals a single deposit in your bank account. These normally have a descriptor containing the text "5/3 Bankcard" in the bank statement line item.

ACH (e-check)

For ACH, generally one batch in One Church equals a deposit as well. However, there is one exception. Unlike credit cards, it's possible for two ACH batches to be combined into a single deposit. This almost always happens if the processing days for those ACH batches are on a Friday and Sunday. In these cases, the deposit will be combined and normally completed within 2 to 4 business days from the following Monday.

ACH deposits would appear with a descriptor containing the text "PDS GW28" in the bank statement line item.

Finally, please note, banks may choose when the funds are available to the merchant.


  • We highly recommend you close batches in One Church once you've confirmed the deposit is in your bank account. Until then, keep them open.

  • If you have a deposit in your bank account with the text "PDS GW28" that doesn't match a single ACH batch in One Church, it is most likely a combined deposit from the previous Friday and Sunday ACH batches. If you follow the previous tip and only close batches that you confirm have been deposited, these should be easy to find.

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