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How do I set up a Group Event?
How do I set up a Group Event?

Steps to add a group event, require registration, and add a location to a group event

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Users will need Limited Write Groups permission to change the primary meeting place.

Users with this permission also have the Full Read Groups permission. This is the same access a group administrator has within their group.

First, navigate to the group you want to add an event for.

Add Event

Go to the Calendar tab within the group you selected > Select Add Event.

Set Event Location

The system allows you to set a meeting place for your group events.

In the pop up, under the General tab, check the "Use as primary meeting event for this group?" option to indicate this event should be used to determine when the event meets. Then enter the address the event meets.

Tip: You can choose from your addresses already in the system by selecting choose existing

**Navigate to the Options Tab before Creating the event

Require Registration to an Event

After you create the event select the "Options" tab to Require registration or not.

**For more details on all options available when creating an event please read this article.

Once the event has been added, you'll notice a star on the event if you indicated it is the regular meeting time and place for the group (to set it apart from any other events you may add to the group).

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