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What is a promo code, and how do I add one?
What is a promo code, and how do I add one?

How to create a Coupon/Promo Code and add it to a Form

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You will need the Forms permission to perform this action.

The forms module supports coupon codes that allow users to get discounts on purchased items on forms and event registrations. These coupons can be set to auto-apply or require a code to be entered. They can also be set to only be valid within certain dates if needed. Coupons can award a percentage or flat amount off on the total amount or individual items in any item/ticket fields found on the form.

How to Create a Coupon

First, go to the form. Next, select the Coupons tab and click on the blue "+ Add Coupon" button.

Note: The Code you enter in the textbox underneath Auto Reply will be the code entered on the form for the discount to be applied

How to Add a Coupon Code/ Enter a Promo Code During Registration

Once created, users will be able to enter the coupon code during registration to get the discount applied. Any coupons that are set to auto-apply will show the discount immediately.

Note: The "Promo Code" field will only appear if the user selected at least one item with a cost and there is at least one coupon that can be entered at the time the form is filled out (i.e. is active and the current date is within the effective dates on the coupon).

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