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How do I set a sermon series image?
How do I set a sermon series image?

Describes how to add or update an image to a sermon series.

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Users will need Full Write Sermons permission to complete this function.

Setting A Series Image

To update a sermon to have the same image for each sermon in a series, navigate to the "Sermon," via the left-hand navigation menu, and select “Edit sermon” from the “Actions” dropdown.

You can set a series image by clicking on the “cog” menu next to the series dropdown (when editing a sermon) and choosing “Edit List" button.

In the pop up, choose the series you want to edit and then toggle the "Upload Image?" field (see screenshot).

Upload the image and click on the "Save" button. This will become the image that a sermon in that series uses by default unless the user uploads a custom one just for that sermon.

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