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What are service types?

Explains the purpose of service types and what they do.

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You will need the Full Write Service Plans to perform these actions.

When creating a service plan, you indicate what service type should be used. A service type indicates the following for a plan:

  • How often the plan is scheduled (i.e. weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Which teams can be scheduled to serve

  • Templates that can be used to speed up service plan set up

  • Default attachments that should appear

Creating/Editing Service Types

To view the list of available service types, go to Service Planning > Settings from the left hand menu.

From here, you can create a new service type by clicking on the "Add Type" button or edit an existing type by clicking on the name in the list. In the pop up that appears, with the following tabs:


This tab contains basic information about the service type.

  • Name - the name for the service type.

  • Description - notes and comments related to when this type should be used.

  • Frequency - how often plans of this type are expected to be created. This is used to determine the dates for plans when created in bulk.

  • Default? - only appears if the type being edited is not currently the default type. If yes, this type will be selected by default when creating new service plans.


This tab allows you to indicate which serving teams are normally scheduled on the plan. The left hand side contains a convenient listing of all active groups of type Serving Team. This allows you to quickly add those teams to the service type by clicking on them.

However, you are not limited to only groups of that type. Use the group search input box to add any active group in the system.


Templates are saved order of service and team volunteer configurations, and serving notification settings which can be loaded into new or existing service plans. This helps save you time by having common set ups quick to create.

This tab allows you to create these templates. Essentially, a template is a service plan without dates/times that can be used as a blueprint for new plans.


This tab lets you add attachments that will automatically appear on all plans of this service type.

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