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How to I enable child safety training?
How to I enable child safety training?

Describes how child safety training can be added to a new or existing Protect My Ministry account.

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You will need the Write Background Checks and Integrations permissions to perform this action.

We've partnered with Protect My Ministry to offer a comprehensive Child Safety Training Course for all ministry employees and volunteers. Trainees receive a score at the end to indicate their understanding of the material.

The Child Safety Training Course is completed online at any chosen day or time. It consists of 5 lessons covering the following topics:

  • Lesson 1: Defining Child Sexual Abuse

  • Lesson 2: Victim Behavioral Characteristics

  • Lesson 3: Characteristics of Child Molesters

  • Lesson 4: Making a Difference

  • Lesson 5: Responsibility & Reporting

Employee versions of the training have additional lessons.

At the end of the training, a quiz will be presented to measure understanding of the material. A minimum score of 70 percent is required. You will also have the opportunity to download pdfs of each lesson and links to resources for more information on the topic.

More information can be found on their website at

Important: Do not sign up through their website, but instead follow the directions below in this article to make sure the integration is enabled correctly.

If you haven't already, enable the Protect My Ministry integration following the steps in this article. On step two of the onboarding form, make sure to check the Child Safety Training option.

If you already previously enabled the Protect My Ministry integration and want to add Child Safety Training, please submit this form:

Tip: If you already have Child Safety Training as part of your account with Protect My Ministry and don't have an API Key, please reach out to them to request it.

Once Child Safety Training has been added to your account, Protect My Ministry will reach out within 1 to 3 business days. with an API key you'll need to enable the Child Safety Training integration.

Once acquired, click on the cog menu in the top header and then choose Integrations.

Scroll down to Protect My Ministry and click on the Options button (or Enable if currently disabled). Finally, in the pop up that appears, enter the API Key and then click on the Save button.

Next Steps

  • Once you've enabled the integration, you can start requesting trainings for volunteers and ministry employees. Please see this article on how to get started.

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