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How do I use the PraiseCharts integration?

How to search for and add songs to your song library from PraiseCharts

Updated over a week ago

You will need the Full Write Service Plans permission to perform this action.

See How I manage my song catalog? to learn how to add new songs to your library.

Once the PraiseCharts integration has been enabled, you can search for songs in PraiseCharts when adding new songs. Search results appear below the title field along with an audio preview of the song, which can be listened to if desired. Clicking on a song in the results will import song metadata such as the title, CCLI #, copyright, authors, and more.

With this integration, while managing song arrangements, you'll also be able to purchase and import any song files (in the appropriate keys) from your PraiseCharts library by selecting add files and then the PraiseCharts source option.

PraiseCharts files can be imported into a song (for quick reuse across many plans) or directly to service plans as well.

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