You will need the Full Write Financial permission to perform this action.

Important: It is highly recommended to only close batches once you've confirmed the money for that batch has been deposited in your organization's bank account. If a batch remains open for more than 2 weeks, a to do list item will appear on the home dashboard of users that are able to close batches.

Closing a single batch

Navigate to the batch you would like to close. Then choose "Close batch" in the "Actions" menu in the upper right. You can also click on the "Open" status label at the top of the screen to do the same thing.

-- OR --

Regardless of which method you use, the same pop up will appear. If this was an auto generated batch from One Church Giving, you'll be asked to provide the deposit date for the batch. It is highly recommended you enter the date of the deposit in your bank account. While not required, setting a deposit date will change the posting date on the batch to accurately reflect the deposit date rather than the settlement date.

If you have accounting enabled on your subscription, the pop up will include some additional fields. You'll be given the option to post the batch to accounting (see bottom of screenshot above).

Choosing "Yes" will result in some more fields appearing.

Where was the money deposited?

This field will ask you to indicate which cash account from your chart of accounts the money from this batch was deposited into (i.e. checking account).

Which accounts should each designation go to?

This section will list all designations found on the batch and ask you which account in your chart of accounts the money should be categorized into as well as which fund it should be deposited into. Only income accounts can be chosen.

If you don't want a particular designation to be posted to accounting, choose "-- Do not post --" for the Income Account / Fund field. This would result in a partial posting.

Important: A closed batch is no longer editable and the transactions within are also no longer editable. They will not appear by default when viewing the batch listing screen. To view closed batches, clear the filters on that table.

Closing in Bulk

You can also close (and post) many batches at the same time by selecting them from the batch listing screen and clicking on "Close" in the bulk actions drop down.

The pop up that appears is the same as the one discussed in the previous section. The only difference is this would apply to multiple batches and not just one.

Reopening a batch

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