You will need the Full Write Financial permission to perform this action.

Closing a batch

Navigate to the batch you would like to close. Then select "Close batch" in the "Actions" menu. A confirmation message will appear. Click on "Yes" to close the batch. 

Closed batches are not longer editable and will not appear by default when visiting the batch listing screen.

Closing in Bulk

You can also close many batches at the same time by selecting them from the batch listing screen and clicking on "Update" in the bulk actions drop down. In the pop up that appears. Select "Closed" for the status and click on "Update."

Reopening a batch

To reopen a batch, navigate to a closed batch and select "Reopen batch" in the "Actions" menu. A pop up will appear asking you why you are reopening the batch. Once you provide the notes and click "Reopen," the batch will once again be editable.

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