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One Church Software provides an easy to use system for managing and requesting resources such as rooms and items at your campus. 

When creating an event, you specify if you need additional resources. These resources can then be requested, not only for one-time events, but also for repeating events such as small group meetings. One Church also intelligently recommends multiple rooms in the case when your event cannot take place in the same room on each day. This can happen if that room is taken or is otherwise unavailable.

For example, a small group meets in Room 2000 so they book that room for the remainder of the year. However, on a certain week that room was already taken for another event. Not a problem! The system will show the group leader where the conflict occurs and allows them to select another room that is available during the same time slot.

In addition, you can set custom questions for requesters to answer when booking a room or item. This allows additional details to be given which otherwise may have needed back and forth emails to get.

Next Steps

  • First, add any rooms and items you have for each campus.

  • Set any campus-wide approvers or resource specific approvers so the system knows who to send requests to.

  • Finally, users can request resources when adding or editing a one-time or repeating event that approvers can then approve or deny. 

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