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How do I set up keyword text messaging?
How do I set up keyword text messaging?

Describes how to set up keyword (sms) text messaging and automatic responses.

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You will need the Full SMS permission to perform this action.

Note: Churches must first have the texting feature enabled, reference this article to learn more about enabling text messaging.


Select the Cog Icon on the top right > Text Messages.

Now, in the main window area of the Communication Module select the tab titled, "Keywords" and then to create a new Keyword select the "+ Add Keyword" button.

After the button "+ Add Keyword" is selected a new window will open allowing you to create your desired Keyword phrase and the automated reply that will be sent whenever someone texts that Keyword phrase to your church's *phone number. *Keep in mind, this is the phone number provided to you by One Church Software when text messaging was added to your account.

Use the form fields to create your Keyword and the automated message, which can include links to forms or to other web pages.


*People can be added to an automated workflow directly from a form submission. This is helpful when creating a follow-up sequence for first guests who can enter the workflow just by texting the word "GUEST" to your church's phone number (setup required).

*If you are enrolled in One Church Giving and have a text messaging feature enabled then text-to-give is already a feature that is functional within your account. People can give via text by texting the word GIVE and the amount to your phone number.

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