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How does the creation and launch process work for the Branded App?
How does the creation and launch process work for the Branded App?

Describes what a church needs to do for the Branded App to be created and launched within the app stores.

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This article outlines the process in creating and launching your branded iOS and Android apps.


The branded version of the app is a separate, fully branded app that will have its own dedicated spot and branding on the Google and Apple App stores. The design of the app will use the same app builder currently found in One Church Software. Below are a few main points:

  • Your app will have a custom description, screenshots and app name in the app stores.

  • Your app will have a custom app icon on the user’s home screen.

  • Members will NOT need to search for their church when launching the app. It will simply go straight to your app’s home screen.

  • One Church Dev team will maintain the app, fixing bugs and resubmitting updated versions of the app to the stores so as to be current with the ever-changing updates within Apple and Android operating systems.

After expressing interest in purchasing the Branded App either by email or via the in-app chat, you will receive a shared Google Doc from the One Church Software app development team outlining specific tasks to be completed. Below is an outline of what is needed, it is NOT to be used as a punch list. Please wait for the shared Google Doc from our team

To-Do List for Your Church

  1. Create your church's developer accounts (Google and Apple)

  2. Provide One Church Software with your meta data and general information which will be displayed in the app stores (see below)

  3. Provide graphical assets

  4. Provide screenshots (Optional)

  5. Design your church's app within the One Church Software App Builder environment

  6. Test your app

  7. Approve app submission and wait as Apple and Google review

Developer Accounts (Task 1)

To publish your apps, you are required to create your own Apple Developer, App Store Connect, and Google Play Developer accounts. We will submit the apps under your developer accounts.

We will provide you with a detailed process of how to setup your developer accounts within the share Google Doc.

App Metadata & General Information (Task 2)

You will need to provide information about the app itself as it will be released on the app store. Like, the name of your app as it will appear on the App Store, a full description of your app, detailing features and functionality, promotional copy, and other necessary information.

Provide Graphical Assets (Task 3)

You will also need to provide us with high-resolution graphical assets with specific dimensions and requirements for both Android and Apple. You will be provided with a punch-list of necessary graphics, as the list of required assets changes from time-to-time based upon what's necessary for each app store.

Screenshots (Task 4)

Unless otherwise instructed, screenshots for both apps will be taken from the same screens as the My One Church App listing in the app stores. If you would like to include new ones or remove any, please indicate which screens you want included in the screenshot section of the app store listing. We will take care of taking those screenshots for you.

Design (Task 5)

Use the app builder within One Church to design your app. More details on using the app builder can be found in the following articles:

There are a lot of templates and possibilities to choose from. If there is a specific design you are unsure how to do in the app builder, please reach out to One Church support for assistance. We will help you design those screens. Dream big!

Tip: We highly recommend designing your home screen as eye-catching as possible so that new users have a good impression from the moment they launch the app. Including captivating imagery and useful content is a good way to achieve this.

Regarding the Age Rating for the app, we will help determine this once you have completed your design. Please note, if you want to have a rating of 4+, you cannot have any URLs open in the app that can lead the user in some way to mature content. It’s okay if you have it set to open in the phone’s web browser. That’s a setting in the app builder. As an example, providing a web page where the user can navigate to YouTube within the app in some fashion would disqualify the app from having a 4+ rating. If this is unavoidable, your rating will likely be 12+.

Live Testing (Task 6)

You can test the design of your app using the My One Church App. You can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Make sure the mobile app is enabled.

App Submission and Review (Task 7)

Once you are ready to launch the app, we will package and submit both the Android and iOS apps to the appropriate app stores. This could take several days to complete. During this time, the app builder will be locked and no changes can be done to the app. Once the apps are approved, we will unlock the app builder so you can make changes again.

When we release new updates in the future, we will lock the app builder again for the review process.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific launch date because of how app reviews are conducted with Google and Apple. Please plan accordingly.

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