You will need the Full SMS permission to perform these actions.
You will also need the Contributions Settings permission to perform these actions.

First you will need to set a Keyword for the designation, then you will need the steps on how to set up the text message contents.

How To Set a Keyword for a Fund Designation

Contributions > Settings > Select Edit from the dropdown at the end of the designation you are trying to edit

Under the Options section of the pop up locate Text Giving > Select Add Text Giving Keyword

Here you can Create a Keyword for this designation

**Be sure to Save your changes.

How to "Text to Give" a donation to a specific designation

"Text to GIVE" donations can be specific to a designation. After you have created a Keyword under the designation as described above, your donors can now Add the Keyword after the word GIVE and the amount they intend on donating.


Example of a SMS a donor would send: GIVE 25 TEST

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