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Can I create a template from an existing service plan?
Can I create a template from an existing service plan?

Explains how a service plan can be used to create a new plan template.

Updated over a week ago

You will need the Full Write Service Plans permission to perform this action.

Let's say you find yourself setting up service plans each week the same; the same teams, the same needs, sometimes even the same volunteers. You may even have a basic structure for the order of service that you follow. It would be great if you could have the system automatically set up plans with these teams already set up. Good news! This is possible!

Essentially, what you want is a template that can be applied to new service plans that set up the needed teams and positions. While you could create a new template from scratch, you already have an existing plan that is set up how you like. To create a template based on that existing plan, navigate to the service plan and then go to Actions > Copy plan in the upper right.

In the pop up, change the "Copy To" field to "New Template." You can then indicate which service type this template should appear for and give it a name (i.e. a template is associated with a single service type).

Tip: if you need the template to be available under more than one service type, perform theses steps again for each service type you want the template to be added to. Note, each template would be independent from one another (i.e. editing one will not affect the template in another service type).

The Options section lets you indicate which portions of the existing plan you would like to include in the template. You can even include volunteer assignments. In this way, you could have a template for entire team serving configurations as well.

Once the template is created, it will be available when creating new plans under the service type it was added to.

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