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How do I manage tasks in a process?
How do I manage tasks in a process?

Describes the steps needed to add tasks to a process.

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You will need the Full Write Workflows permission, be an admin on the associated workflow, or be a process manager to perform these actions.

Adding Tasks

Go to the workflow process you want to add tasks to and select the "Tasks" tab. Then click on "Add Task" along the left-hand side.

A pop up will appear asking you what kind of task you want to add. We offer the following tasks:

  • Send Email - sends a message to an email inbox.

  • Send SMS - sends a text message to a phone number.

  • Wait - wait an amount of time before moving the person to the next task.

  • Assignment - assigns the person to someone. Requires manual completion by assigned person.

  • Add To Group - adds the person to a group.

  • Remove From Group - remove the person from a group if they are currently a member.

  • Add To Process - adds the person to a given workflow process.

  • Skip To Done - updates the status of the person to "Done" which causes them to skip remaining tasks.

  • Update Person Fields - updates fields on a person's profile.

  • Branch - allows a person to go to a different process based on a set of criteria.

As you add tasks to the process, they will appear on the left-hand portion under the "Tasks" tab.
โ€‹Important: the order the tasks appear is very important as that is the order they will be executed. To change the order, click and drag the three bars up and down. The order will be updated immediately.

Editing Tasks

To edit a task, click on the task in the left-hand listing. The configuration will appear in the area to the right. Once you are done making changes, click on "Save" to finish.ย 

You cannot leave the task until you finish editing it. When any change is done, the task will turn red. It will return to black once you save.

Removing Tasks

To remove a task, click on the "X" button to the right of the task you want to delete.

Any people who are currently on that task will be removed from the queue.

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