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What is a Group Admin?
What is a Group Admin?

Describes the abilities of a group admin.

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A group admin is a position that any member of the group can be assigned. A member does not need to be the leader of a group to be a group admin.

See here for how to update a member's position.

A group admin has the following abilities with their group:

A group admin canNOT:

  • CanNOT edit group details

  • CanNOT delete groups

A group admin is easily identified from the member listing with the admin banner.

A leader will also have the admin banner over their image in the lower left-hand corner of the group page.


  • A group admin will also have these permissions over any subgroup under the group that they are an admin of.

  • If the Membership of a group is set to “Approval Required” then group admins are notified.

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