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How do I enter an in-kind contribution?
How do I enter an in-kind contribution?

Describes the process of adding a non-monetary donation into Contributions

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You will need the Limited Write Contributions and Contributions Settings permission to perform this action.

All donations are not monetary. Following these steps will create a way for you to record a donation for non-monetary items your church may receive.

Create Designation

First, create a new designation named "Gift In Kind."

Click on Contributions > Settings in the left-hand navigation menu. Then click on the "Designations" tab. From here you can click on the "Add Designation" button and name the designation "Gift In Kind."

If you need additional help creating a contribution designation, please visit this article.

Next, add a $0.00 contribution by navigating to Contributions > Transactions in the left-hand navigation menu. Click on "Add transactions" from the "Actions" menu in the top right.

When entering the contribution, set the amount field to $0.00, and in the memo field right underneath, set a description of what was given. You can also include the fair market value if you need to.

If you need more help entering a contribution, please visit this article.

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