You will need the Full Write Service Plans permission or be an organizer on the plan to perform this action.

Important: volunteer schedules on a service plan can only be created and managed from within the service plan. In other words, you cannot link an existing volunteer schedule to a service plan.

Creating a volunteer schedule

To start scheduling volunteers as part of a service plan, you first need to create a new schedule. To do this, navigate to the service plan and visit the Serving tab. From there, click on the Add New button.

A pop up will appear where you can specify the details of the volunteer schedule. Please note, since this is being attached to the service plan, certain fields are not applicable or are disabled. In particular:

  • The date range will be set to the week of the service plan. This cannot be changed.

  • The times for the service plan will be automatically added and cannot be edited or deleted. Those times will be in sync with the service plan if a change is made to the service plan later. You are welcome to add any additional times if needed.

  • The name and location will not appear in the pop up. The system will automatically keep those two fields in sync with the service plan if the service plan is changed.

Once you are finished, click on the Create button. The volunteer schedule will appear on the service plan. You can now add groups and schedule volunteers as normal. The scheduler works exactly as if you created the schedule outside of the service plan. Please see the "Scheduler" section of this article for more information on how the volunteer scheduler works. 

Clicking on the "Go to schedule" button will open up the schedule in the Volunteer Scheduling area of One Church. However, this is not necessary as mostly everything you can do from that screen can be done directly within the service plan.

Scheduler Actions

The available actions on the schedule is the same as the stand alone version except for one additional option. Choosing "Delete" from the Actions menu will delete the entire schedule from the system.

NOTE: Scheduling volunteers NOT connected to Service Plan is slightly different. Reference the article below.

How do I schedule volunteers?

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