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Getting Started - Onboarding Checklist & Implementation Guide
Getting Started - Onboarding Checklist & Implementation Guide

Get started using One Church Software with this implementation plan. Step-by-step instructions for onboarding and implementation.

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Welcome to One Church Software!

This guide will help you through the initial setup and implementation process.

You'll need to log in to your account and have Super User access to perform these steps.

1. Update Your Account Information

To get to your account settings select Account Settings under your name in the left-hand menu.

Complete as much of the information as able and make sure the contact information is accurate. An address is necessary for members to find your church with the My One Church mobile app. Adding logos, icons, and brand colors personalize the software to match your church's aesthetic.

2. Schedule Training

* One session per month included on Core Plus plans. All other plans would involve a fee per session.

We have software experts ready to train you and your team in how best to use One Church so you have a strong foundation.

You can schedule a training any time by logging into One Church and choosing Schedule a Training under the user menu in the top right.

Additional Training Resources

  1. Visit to access the Learning Center.

  2. Documentation and Help Articles are found at and accessible via the toolbar within your account.

  3. You can also reach out to our support team. Learn more here.

3. Add Information to your Database

A database is only helpful if you have data in it. You can add your data manually, you can use our import tools to upload data in bulk, or request someone on our team to migrate your data for you (seen below).

*Our import tools allow for various types of data to be imported into the system (giving records, attendance, and more).

Additional ways to add people's information

  1. Give people access to your Account URL. From there they can register, create a profile and add other information.

  2. Create an online form you can share with congregants that allows them to add their own information. This does require knowledge on how to create a form and the "Create new profile if submission cannot be matched to an existing person profile" box within the Editing Person Profile Information pop up must be checked (see below).

4. Setup One Church Giving

Go to Contributions > Settings from the left-hand navigation menu. Click on "Enroll in One Church Giving" at the top and complete the form that appears. Afterwards, you will be given a link to a "Click to Agree" form which must be accepted to finish enrollment.

5. Setup Texting

From the top left toolbar select Account Settings > Messaging Tab, and click on the Enable Text Messaging button.

6. Set your People Directory Settings

To modify privacy settings related to your church directory select:

Contacts in the left-hand menu and then select the Settings tab.

7. Decide on Permission Levels and Access

Decide on permission levels for your staff, key leaders, and others accessing the system.

1. Who is a Super User (should be a very limited number of people)?

2. Who will have Custom or Role Based permissions (and what will those permissions be)?

3. Who will have Guest access (this will be the bulk of your members)?

*For those with Guest access decide if they will be able to access the church directory and determine what information should be visible within the directory view.

Articles related to Security and Access Control.

Utilize the system overview videos for a general understanding of the software.

These videos are organized by module so you can send videos specifically related to someone’s level of permission. It’s an unlisted playlist on YouTube but anyone with a link can watch.

8. Invite your Church Members to Use the System

There are multiple ways to let your members know about your new database platform and since the system lives in the cloud you can link to your church's login portal in different ways. We suggest starting by sending a mass email with some general information about One Church Software and about how they can access their account (or register).

Send a mass email telling your church about your new church management system.

*Promotional Tip*

1. Use the email template builder within One Church Software to create a graphically rich email message.

2. Here is a link to the 'About Us' section that you can link to if you choose.

3. Below is a sample email copy you can use in your email communication.

4. Make sure to share your Account URL so people can register or log in.

Church Family,

We are excited to announce that we have started using One Church Software, an online church engagement tool that will help us stay better connected as a church. We, as a church, are passionate about our mission of [insert your mission language/statement here] and we believe that adopting this software solution will aid us in that pursuit.

With this tool, you will have access to our various ministry areas, whether that's connecting with groups or volunteering teams, learning about church events, watching sermons, and much more. When you have a few minutes I encourage you to watch a brief overview of One Church Software.

You can access the login portal by visiting {YourAccountURL} where you can claim your profile or register.


Your Pastor

**Church Member Friendly Video Introducing One Church Software

Additional ways to invite your church members.

  1. Encourage your congregation to register for an account themselves using the Register button on the login page (see image below).

  2. Register via the Mobile App
    1. Download the My One Church App from the app store.
    2. Locate your church using your location or zip code
    3. Within the app select the hamburger icon in the top left to get to the menu screen and select, "Sign In or Register".
    4. Select the "Register Now" text-button and follow the prompts.

  3. Grant System Access in bulk using the query builder (use with caution)
    1. Run a report that will return a list of people who you want to have access to the system.
    2. Select: Actions > Mass Change > Grant Access
    3. These people will be emailed with a link to help set up their account.
    [sample of what they receive]

9. Start Using the Ministry Modules and Other Tools

Visit our documentation library to learn more about using our various ministry modules.

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